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on 05, Feb 2021
At the time of the renovation of my club the subcontractors identified mold! I was encouraged by my father to reach out to Catstrong. It's a very good thing I did! With the constrained time I have within my week, Catstrong worked with me to be there at any time I was in need of them and ensured that mold would not be a long term issue.
Seth Darnell

What occurs in a mold inspection?

How much does a mold inspection cost in Austin Tx?

Mold Testing Costs On average homeowners pay about $657 for a professional mold inspection. Depending on your location and the size of your house that range can go from $292 and $1024.

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Do I need a mold inspection?

Here a mold inspection and mold test can reveal whether there is indeed elevated mold and where it is located. There have been plumbing leaks or water issues and there is a suspicion that elevated mold may exist in the air and/or behind walls.

What is a mold test?

Broadly speaking most mold testing involves taking a sample of either the air or a surface. Essentially a mold inspector tests the air or surface to find out what kind of mold exists and/or if the mold found is able to grow in the area tested.

What happens during mold inspection in Austin Tx?

What happens during a mold inspection? Mold inspection is for the most part a visual inspection of a house. ... A typical mold inspection involves the inspector talking to the property owner about any areas where they have seen mold or where there have been moisture problems or water damage in the past.

How expensive is mold removal in Austin Tx?

Remediation costs vary depending on how much and where mold exists. Figure on: $500 to $4000 to remove mold from crawlspaces only. $2000 to $6000 to remove mold from ducts crawl spaces walls and attics.

How long does a mold inspection take in Austin Tx?

If you call us early in the day we can often get someone out to you that same day or usually within 24 hours. From start to finish the inspection itself lasts around an hour or so. After that results and your report will be given to you within 2-4 business days depending on how backed uo the lab is.

Is Mold Remediation really necessary?

The Process of Mold Remediation The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that any moldy areas less than 10 square feet (about 3 feet by 3 feet) can be remediated by the homeowner. ... In most cases it is better to have a mold remediation contractor do the work than a general contractor.

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